This is not a guided tour, you will navigate by following a roll chart with turns that are based on mileage. All major turns will be noted and are arrowed on the roll-chart. GPS Tracks are also be available. As are pre-printed maps not suitable for navigation but to give you a general idea of the route. There will be NO course markings.

Maps are not suitable for navigation and ONLY roll-charts have ancillary & supplementary information. You must have a re-settable odometer to navigate the course with a roll chart. Or ride with somebody who has a roll chart and odometer.



WE WORK TO MINIMIZE PAVEMENT MILEAGE, maximize scenery and fun, and generally only use paved roads as necessary to tie dirt loops together and access amenities.

Hazards Do Exist on our routes, such as downed trees, washouts, rocks, etc. and will NOT be marked in any fashion.  All routes are publicly-accessible, so you may encounter other riders and traffic. Riders need to use caution and common sense at all times and stay to the right when possible, particularly around blind turns. Remember vehicles heading uphill have the right-of-way.

We discourage you from riding alone and encourage everyone to use the buddy system and pair up with at least one other rider so that you can look after each other. Your ride will be enhanced if you ride with others who are of the same skill level, are riding similar motorcycles, and have compatible desires for the ride (speed of travel, how often to stop for a rest and pictures, etc.).  We won’t have any checkpoints throughout the day or sweep riders to keep track of you.

We will provide “Outriders” to help you if you need a shortcut to the finish or have questions along the way, but they should NOT be considered “sweep” riders: they are not medics, will not be available to fix bikes or change flats, nor will they have extra parts. Our “Outriders” will have Satellite Phones.

Carry a cell phone and we highly recommend the use of a satellite-operated tracking and rescue device such as a SPOT – you will often be out of cell phone range. There is no Cell Phone Service in the Carizzo Plains Valley.

If you get stranded we will of course do whatever we can to bail you out. However if we need to arrange evacuation, medical aid, or any other form of rescue assistance for you, there may be a charge associated with that assistance.

There may be a course photographer in a strategic place each day to take your picture and provide photos for you online after the event.


San Andreas 300 Dual Sport Ride: 250-690cc Dual Sport or a street-legal dirt bikes for those up to the challenge. Your bike should have new DOT knobbies or a Hybrid rear tire.

Larger-displacement (800+ cc) adventure bikes may be suitable for skilled riders. Smaller play bikes or KLR 650s are not recommended.


Our rides are all-weather.  If two or more riders participate the ride will not be cancelled, regardless of weather conditions and refunds will not be given for shared group expense amenities, nor will they be transferred to another ride or rider.

If Exit Tours M/C cancels a ride we will make all attempts to provide an equivalent ride on an alternate date. If we do this, then your prepaid shared group expense payment may be transferred to the new ride date. If you cannot attend the new date, a 100% refund for shared group expenses will apply less PayPal fees. If no such ride is offered, then all prepaid shared group amenities payments will be refunded less PayPal Fees.

Most USFS and BLM Motor Vehicle Use Maps are outdated, inaccurate, ambiguous and difficult to read even for the rangers. But especially for the general public.

Even in designated riding areas, USFS and BLM route signs are often missing, non-existent, outdated, misplaced and confusing.  In many areas private property boundaries are not well defined or even posted.

It is possible that anyone following an Exit Tours Motorcycle Club route could get behind closed gates or ride somewhere they are not supposed to be and possibly get cited or yelled at.

Every Exit Tours M/C member is advised of this in advance of our rides, and by participating takes full and sole responsibility for their actions and well-being, without exception.

Exit Tours Motorcycle Club membership is included with Signing -Up.

Exit Tours Motorcycle Club rides are not competitions, nor are prizes or trophies awarded. All participants are on their own, riding at their own pace, at their own risk, and always have the option to follow the designated route or to follow another route of their choosing. Exit Tours M/C rides are free, non-competitive, non-commercial, Pay For the Amenities with the ride recreational club rides for members only.

This Dual Sport Ride is for Club Members and all expenses are shared. Ride starts and finishes on Private property. Amenities are provided, such as meals, fuel, parking-meeting arrangements and camping.

A portion of any profits will be distributed to the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

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