The San Andreas 300 Dual Sport Ride Starts Saturday Morning near the Staging area for the old Hi- Mountain Enduro in Pozo. From Pozo we will ride to Ballinger Canyon, site of the old Leapin’ Lizard Enduro.

Where do we stay Saturday Night ?

At Sondog Ranch which is located in a small Central California valley by the name of Cuyama. The valley is only half day journey from either the Los Angeles basin or the San Francisco bay area, yet, it is far enough from everywhere that it is often referred to as nowhere.

Songdog Ranch is not a dude ranch, nor some ritzy retreat. It is a secluded rustic get away for the ‘real’ adventurous. There are no cattle grazing in the pastures, nor fields of fruit along our fence line.

The only things ever raised here is wine or beers in the light of campfires!

You can Camp in your Tent the Club will Portage or stay in the large open room Lodge, on your own cot for an additional 10 Dollars. (Limited availability)


Know Before You Go:

  • This is a remote area with minimal facilities available
  • There is no drinking water available on the Carrizo Plain
  • Gas is available in Maricopa and Santa Margarita; be sure to start your trip with a full tank of gasoline
  • Cell phone service is not available throughout the entire Carrizo Plain


The Carrizo Plain is traversed by the San Andreas Fault.

The San Andreas Fault provides spectacular topography along the eastern edge of the California Valley. Ridges rise sharply from the plain to form the Panorama and Elkhorn Hills. Temporary pools and salt-encrusted ponds appear along the fault, trapping rainwater to create stunning scenery.

Soda Lake covers an area of about 3,000 acres and is one of the most dominant geographic features of the Carrizo Plain. As a result of evaporating mineral-laden surface water, a crust has formed in the lake, creating a glistening white bed of salt that has become a famous attraction for Carrizo.

Adjacent to the southwest edge of the San Joaquin Valley, the Carrizo Plain National Monument is a 250,000-acre oasis as well as a diverse complex of habitats for many rare species of plants and animals.

Painted Rock, a large, U-shaped rock outcrop that was once an elaborate, multicolored pictograph site created by the Chumash, a Native American people who historically inhabited the coastal regions of California. Both the interior and exterior sides have paintings, which include geometric images as well as human figures, snakes and aquatic images.

There are numerous seasonal recreational opportunities for visitors, many of them focused on the plain’s abundant birds and wildflowers. Scenic drives are popular activities for visitors.